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Experienced in creating and consolidating networks

Tools and features to assist efficient operation, staff and tasks

Features available to your staff, customers and agents

Sending and receiving data accurately and efficiently is critical

Giving you control of your data. No Developers Required!

Tools and features to assist efficient operation, staff and tasks

Features available to your staff, customers and agents

Tools and features to assist efficient operation, staff and tasks

Features available to your staff, customers and agents

Pick and choose your modules and only pay for what you use.

Different modules to meet the needs of a range of businesses

Save time and money with our Finance Module.

Automated quote, pricing & invoicing features to maximize profit and minimize missed revenue

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Experienced in creating and consolidating networks


Connecting carriers with internal & 3rd party systems


Connecting customers internally, externally and to carriers, transport providers & 3PL’s


Connecting agents & onforwarders to their customers

Senders / Receivers

Connecting senders & receivers to real time consignment information

Integrated with more than 70 carriers

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Freight Data International Company Overview & Vision

Imagine a system that manages the complexities of freight logistics, facilitates better customer services and provides next level insight through cutting-edge data and analytics. Imagine further that this system can seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP’s and make Transport Management simple and effective with mobile reporting.

This system would be a game changer for Freight Shippers of all types and sizes across Australia and the world – and we know that because that’s the platform we have built at Freight Data International.

Our customers are equipped with the tools to manage complex freight operations via our cloud-based system. Mobile from the start, our Transport Management ERP can take your business to the next level.

Next-generation Freight Carrier Tracking grants your decision making arm with visibility over your fleet and equipment, and generates a route optimisation capability that will boost efficiency and minimise down-time. Real-time reporting, with scan feeds, freight labelling and customisable file transfer protocols will eliminate any uncertainties and help your business maintain an effective chain of responsibility.

Our freight management software can help your business effectively navigate the intricacies of Multi Carrier Shipping, with automated quoting, freight booking and end-to-end centralised communications. At FDI, we’ve created a fully customisable freight management solution that can take your business to new heights.

Our vision is for all Freight Data International customers to;

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Experienced in creating and consolidating networks


Ames Australasia identifies as the home of some of the most trusted and iconic brands in the garden and hardware industry. The company takes pride in offering quality products appealing to a broad customer base ranging from trade professionals to do it yourself enthusiasts. Having a customer base that spans across the country requires workflow efficiency and forward-thinking automation tools. Forging a partnership with Freight Data International has enabled Ames Australasia to utilise the next-generation transport ERP, affording real-time visibility and customisable solutions which promote the required efficiency. Freight Data International are courteous, friendly and do an excellent job in accommodating and tailoring solutions to manage our workflow demands. Their commitment is second to none, therefore the services and solutions offered are highly recommended.

Harry Kutrolli, Logistics Manager / AMES Australasia

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