Freight Data International provides cutting-edge transport management software designed to facilitate next generation Freight Management Solutions. Whether your business needs a fully integrated and customisable solution, or a stand-alone tool that handles a specific pain-point for your organisation, Freight Data International is the organisation that can equip your business with the tools to succeed.

Next Generation Transport ERP

The FDI platform gives your organisation access to a new level of workflow efficiency with the help of next generation automation tools. Item level freight label scanning and reporting, along with customisable EDI notifications made available via the mobile app and dedicated web portal allow you to monitor workflows and eliminate inefficiencies.

Mobile from the start

The FDI platform has been mobile from the start. First released in 2013, the work has been done to bring our cutting-edge transport ERP to the level that it exists at today. An ongoing evolution keeps us at the cutting edge of transport management solutions and see’s us providing our services at a fraction of the cost of our competition.

With our support, your business will have everything it needs to handle complex undertakings such as Multi Carrier Shipping as an everyday matter in your fast evolving business. Built for the cloud, and having achieved solid results over years of ongoing development, the platform has thrived alongside the use of third-party integrations.

Optimise the Customer Experience

The FDI platform equips your organisation with the tools to create greater value for the customer experience. Real time Freight Tracking and customisable EDI rules grant your internal teams access to the information they need to solve complex problems efficiently, and permit your business to share selected information with your customers.

Integrated with more than 70 carriers

Below only some of the carriers we integrate

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The FDI platform equips your organisation with the tools to create greater value for the customer experience.

 Real time Freight Tracking and customisable EDI rules grant your internal teams access to the information they need to solve complex problems efficiently, and permit your business to share selected information with your customers.

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Can the software be used for domestic and international transport?

Transportation software can be used for both domestic and international transport. We help businesses to manage their logistical needs in a simple and easy manner. This allows them to reduce costs and improve efficiency across the board. 

What businesses would benefit from transportation management software?

All kinds of businesses can benefit from using transportation management software. We have a range of customisation options available that can be tailored to suit your specific operation needs. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts. Freight Data International provides a standout level of customer support and advice so you can always find the best option.

How much does transportation management software cost?

Transportation management software is available in several different package options. Each of these can be customised to suit your particular needs and requirements. We can help with freight tracking, freight shipping and more. For further information about pricing and what products we have available, get in touch with the experts at Freight Data International.

What our clients say

Experienced in creating and consolidating networks

Ames Australasia identifies as the home of some of the most trusted and iconic brands in the garden and hardware industry. The company takes pride in offering quality products appealing to a broad customer base ranging from trade professionals to do it yourself enthusiasts. Having a customer base that spans across the country requires workflow efficiency and forward-thinking automation tools. Forging a partnership with Freight Data International has enabled Ames Australasia to utilise the next-generation transport ERP, affording real-time visibility and customisable solutions which promote the required efficiency. Freight Data International are courteous, friendly and do an excellent job in accommodating and tailoring solutions to manage our workflow demands. Their commitment is second to none, therefore the services and solutions offered are highly recommended.

Harry Kutrolli, Logistics Manager / AMES Australasia  

I knew when I met the team at FDI our distribution function was in good hands. Their wealth of experience within the freight industry and operations was highly visible and they understood the real challenges of modern-day logistics. Through a rigorous scoping phase, we were able to highlight the nuances of our business and implement a fit for purpose solution from end to end.

The FDI system is a standout package adding value from consignment creation all the way through to carrier invoice reconciliation and reporting. After 12 weeks from Go Live we have saved considerable cost via the cheapest cost carrier logic whilst maintaining service levels through carrier integration and seamless DIFOT reporting.

Would highly recommend this system to any business utilising multiple carriers and looking for an edge on their competitors. The team were very supportive and easy to work with and displayed a “can do” attitude to deliver this project on time.

Notable benefits of FDI for our business:
- Highly customised system to suit our complex business
- Efficient consignment creation, amending and manifesting
- Cheapest cost carrier solution with transit times gives warehouse information to make good decisions
- Tracking/tracing ability in real time and data easy to export/share
- Great visibility across our teams meant a reduction in communication and unnecessary emails/calls resulting in optimised customer service
- High level reporting tools which are easy to export/share and scrutinise
- Prompt and professional support from FDI team
- Seamless invoice reconciliation process to confidently sign off large invoice amounts

Daniel Ackerman, Warehouse Manager / AutoPacific Australia Pty Ltd


I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with the transition from our previous freight management software to Freight Data International (FDI). Our team across the 5 branches of the business spread over all over Australia find the ability to access PODS and tracking data from our multitude of various carriers all in one place is a massive improvement. We can now deliver a higher level of customer service than we previously could.

The invoice reconciliation has also helped us ensure our freight bills are accurate and correct, and it has saved our warehouse managers time in checking invoices. This feature also ensures our rate cards in FDI are matching the carriers so that the least cost routing prices are always accurate and up to date. This helps us in ensuring high levels of service and manage costs for our freight.

I have appreciated the efforts of the FDI technical support team to handle all our queries and their ability to set the system up to suit our unique requirements. We have found all the FDI team great to deal with.

Thanks FDI Team for all your support.

Dale Harris, General Manager / HR Products

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