• The ability to search for all consignments via your own reference number across all your carriers on the one system.
  • One system for full visibility, Track and trace with POD availability, dependent on carrier.
  • Time booking management process providing visibility to TEMPLATE on undelivered freight to DC’s that have been booked or not.
  • Ticketing System, you have the ability to lodge and record all customer service enquires against specific con notes, you can view on a global dashboard to ensure all enquires are followed through to completion.
  • Advanced shipping notices for outbound orders to receivers containing tracking and event links. Minimizes customer service traffic to TEMPLATE.


Customized High level and or detailed drill down level reporting, generated daily, weekly monthly, in PDF and or CSV.

    • Least cost Carrier
    • Carrier lane report
    • Carrier Difot report
    • Exception reporting
    • Asset tracking report (chep / loscam/ plain)
    • Weekly accruals
    • Monthly accruals
    • Cost to service


  • Independent, self-managed system solution – no requirement to engage FDI to update rates, fuel levies, transit times or carrier services, TEMPLATE I.T. will be trained and have full control.
  • Cloud based Software As A Service solution (SAAS) – Centrally managed, secure and no requirement to install software on TEMPLATE infrastructure.
  • Automation of the returns process based on carrier rules by region with an integrated file from ERP automatically feeding into FDI to create for carriers.


Live carrier financial accruals based on created consignments.

  • Transport Cost to Serve measurement by TEMPLATE Customer.

Invoice reconciliation module, upload and validate all transport charges from carriers for approval.

  • Invoices uploaded and exception screen opens allowing the operator to amend, accept and automatically raise a claim on the provider. Eliminates current manual reconciliation processes.

Allocation of costs by business unit

Live or as required data export to TEMPLATE Dashboard. (B.I. Tool)

Enables business growth without adding resources to manage.


  • FDI is a constant, whether it’s a 3PL arrangement or your own warehouse
  • Complete Visibility of picked and staged freight for collection (all warehouses including 3pl’s). Reduction in labor and actions associated with phone, email traffic to 3pl’s and warehouses seeking information on picked and shipping orders.
  • Manage your own carriers on the competitive rates you have negotiated.
  • No requirement to configure ERP integrations to individual carriers. FDI will be 2-way interfaced with ERP and will communicate to all TEMPLATE carriers and pass information back to ERP (Middleware).
  • No Limit to users on the system
  • Hierarchy of control with 2 Factor Authentication security. Create TEMPLATE user groups and only grant access to staff based on what they need to see within their roles.
  • Integration to ERP and WMS solution compliant.
  • Pallet control module allows TEMPLATE to track usage of assets. Integration via 3rd into CHEP and LOSCAM development underway.


  • BYO your own freight labels
  • Potential to combine Receive EDI and Freight Label onto the one Label (Additional information required) – Save time labelling
  • Dangerous goods entry allows for product identification and declaration in line with ACT DG and CoR requirements.