What is Freight Data International?

Freight data international is a cloud-based platform that operates in all countries and streamlines your entire freight task into one system. Rapidly generate quotes, create consignments, Customer Service, reporting, scan feeds, freight labelling and enjoy superior tracking and reporting functionality. Freight data international gives you complete control, efficiency, and visibility over the management of your freight. Freight data international is the simplest, yet most intelligent Transport management system (TMS) on the market. Our vision is for all Freight Data International customers to;


What features does Feature Freight Data International offer?

Freight Data International offers a comprehensive range of features including complete transport management system, transport invoicing and finance, delivery management, route optimization, dangerous goods compliance capabilities etc.

How long does implementation take?

We view implementation as a partnership and a shared process. Some projects can be set up in a day while some can take up to 4 weeks.

How can I start a Freight Data International TMS?

Freight Data International offers all our customers a 1-week trial as well as a free demo. We’ll conduct an evaluation to figure out what you need, and we’ll go from there!

Can I use ERP with freight data International for our transport needs?

ERP’s are great for storing data and conducting BAU tasks, ERP will be integrated with Freight Data International platform and then No requirement to configure ERP integrations to individual carriers. Freight Data International will be 2-way interfaced with ERP and will communicate to all TEMPLATE carriers and pass information back to ERP (Middleware).

How does Freight Data International TMS add value to your business?

A cloud-based transportation management system delivers many of the same business benefits as other cloud solutions, including improved economies of scale, lower total cost of ownership, no upgrade fees, and a faster return on investment (ROI).

For IT, a cloud-based TMS provides additional benefits in the form of faster deployments, fewer hours needed for training and installation, automatic updates with the latest features and improved security.

Who uses a Transport Management System?

Everyone from manufacturers, distributors, eCommerce businesses, retailers, and logistics service providers. Logistic service providers can be further categorized by Domestic Transport and Couriers, Specialist Logistics Providers, Freight Forwarders, Third-Party Logistic Providers (3PL) and Private Fleet Managers.

Will I receive training and support?

Yes. Using Freight Data International platform is easy; however, our on-boarding specialists are on hand to provide comprehensive training upon sign up. Receive ongoing support by email or Call.

Who will install plug-ins or extensions or facilitate specific integration?

Freight Data International has a team of dedicated systems integrators, we call them Solutions Architects, to scope and facilitate required systems integrations. Please note charges apply. Development time is subject to availability. Freight Data International also provides our API guide. The documentation will assist your IT or development team in facilitating a specific integration.

Is it simple to set up my customer and carrier accounts on Freight Data International Platform?

The Freight Data International platform has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Our training suite and onboarding specialist will provide a thorough introduction to the system.

Does Freight Data International continue to improve its system?

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of economic, social and industry trends to ensure Freight Data International remains a leader in industry. Our team of developers are continually working to improve the system to ensure it remains the most simple and comprehensive product on the market.

What carriers are integrated with Freight Data International?

Freight Data International has an extensive carrier network of more than 70 carriers that continues to grow. We work with all types of carriers including Auspost, Toll, TNT, Startrack Etc.

How much does Freight Data International cost?

We know every business is different, so choose from four different price packages to suit your freight needs. Please get in touch with Sales team to get a quote.



At Freight Data International, we can help with a range of software services. Look to us for freight shippingfreight trackingmulti-carrier shipping,  invoice reconciliation, con note creation, customer service ticketing system, freight quotes, and more. Our software can be customised to suit your business needs and requirements. Get in touch today to book a demo.

You can contact Freight Data International for your business by calling (03) 8762 6370 or sales@freightdatainternational.com.au. Alternatively, feel free to fill out an online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a standout level of customer service and advice.