Why Use Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Multi-carrier shipping software provides for a number of benefits and can greatly reduce transport management costs. Basically, these programs manage freight logistics by providing high-level customer support and data insight through cutting-edge analytics. 

Discover some of the benefits below:

1. Freight cost  

One of the main advantages of multi-carrier shipping programs is that they allow you to get the cheapest price per route. This is possible because users can compare a variety of options to find the best deal for them based on current transport costs. You can instantly compare the freight fees across all your carriers, including the carrier’s surcharges such as fuel, dangerous goods, and over dimensional freight.

2. Improve efficiencies 

Consolidating all your carriers onto one portal improves efficiencies, whether it be consigning or when you are tracking a delivery. Having all your carriers in one portal means you don’t need to jump in and out of carrier specific systems or manually consign handwritten con notes.

Furthermore, as all consignments are created on the one platform, you can understand your cost to serve each customer. You can use the costing data to analyze the freight cost, compared to the sell price of the product.

3. Transit times

You can compare the estimated time it will take each carrier to deliver. This is great if you have an urgent order that requires the fastest carrier to be selected.

Users can also streamline the revenue tracking process and easily identify the best freight deals per route. Multi-carrier shipping software allows you to compare, select and automate rates based on up-to-date information. 

We are committed to giving your business everything it needs to secure the best freight deals.

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